About NoUpset

Noupset - is an union of IT industry professionals.

We are the team of software and web developers, designers, marketers and experts from other fields, with common values, principles and views on quality products.

Wide experience in product development led us to a mindful mission - is to create safe, simple and functional browser extensions and add-ons.

In the modern world, browser extensions, add-ons, toolbars have become the subject of questionable activity by advertising agencies and companies. Providing free functionalities, they grabs user's data, show intrusive ads, track user's activities etc. We're going to change this state of affairs.

User - is not a product!

We do not collect, transmit away, or sell any of your data. We do not use ads in our solutions. NoUpset earns by providing optional paid features with subscriptions or pay as you go.

With NoUpset you are NOT a product.

We are open!

We believe in being open to conversation with any one who wants it. Our values are user's privacy, height quality of products, and its security.

If you think a similar way or have ideas - Drop us a line.

Let's make the World better together.

Flexible pricing - is a pleasure!

Nowadays more and more products and services are provided only via subscriptions. This is good for companies, but not always for users.

We provide pricing plans to pay as you go or as subscriptions. So you are free to choose what to pay for: time of usage or actions.

Freemium for all products!

Even though our products are paid, per provide an opportunity for free use with some minor limitations.

You can try each product and ensure that it suits your needs before paying.