NoUpset knowledge library


1.1 NoUpset - what is it?

NoUpset - is a collection of height quality and safe browser extensions for daily needs, work and fun.
The market of browser's extensions growing day by day but, there is still a lack of safe and quality solutions.

So, NoUpset - is a collaboration of professionals to change the game and provide users with good extensions for a fair price.

1.2 How to use extensions?

All is simple - visit your browser extension's store and install the necessary NoUpset extension. On each extension's page, you can find available links to install an extension.


2.1 How payments are managed?

All paid functionality is available via subscriptions that you can get on our website. All payments and transactions are managed by payment management company

NoUpset does not collect your payment information, it is stored on the payment management system according to all security requirements.

2.2 How Subscription and Deposit works?

We offer monthly, annual and deposit subscriptions for NoUpset products.
You can find the detailed price for each extension on the Plans page and the page of the exact extension.

With a monthly\annual subscription, you'll be billed a fixed price each time depends on what you chose, once a month or once a year.

The Deposit subscription lets you pay as you go!
Depositing any (from $5) amount you'll get the number of downloads. For example, for a deposit of $10, you'll get 500 video downloads with "The Crave video downloader".
With no time limitation, just use as you need.

2.3 Subscription cancelation

You can cancel monthly or annual subscriptions at any time.
Find proper functionality on the user's account page.

If you cancel your subscription - it means that you would not be charged with the next payment. But your already paid period will be available till its end.

2.4 Refund policy